About Leet Music

Matthew Myers has been a songwriter, composer, producer and recording artist for most of his life, as well as more than 10 years professionally. His music has reached fans worldwide through video games, music videos and other media.

Matthew Myers
LeetStreet Boys live at Animethon

Songwriter, Producer and Composer

Matthew has collaborated with video game developers and publishers across North America, Europe, and Asia since 2005. He has created numerous vocal theme songs for dating sims and RPGs, as well as numerous instrumental cues and soundtracks. He won critical awards for his theme songs “Remember Me” and “Seasons Of The Wolf”, and his music has earned positive reviews from numerous sources. He’s worked with companies like Samsung, Ubisoft, Square-Enix, MTV Games, EMI Music Group, Video Games Live, TinyHat, Games Hollywood, Meridian4, Winter Wolves Games, Skytree Digital Limited, Demand Media, Artix Entertainment, Unitrends, Hanako Games, Sonivox, and numerous indie game developers.

Recording Artist

Matthew is the singer, songwriter of anime “otaku” band LeetStreet Boys, made famous for songs and music videos like “Yuri The Only One” and “She’s So Kawaii.” The band has put out 3 full-length albums: LeetStreet Boys, Otaku Hearts, and L3G3NDS. LeetStreet Boys has generated millions of impressions on social media, as well as headlined 20+ anime and video game festivals across north America as a musical guest. Their music has been written about in WIRED, Anime News Network, Joystiq, Japanator, MCM Buzz, Toronto Globe & Mail and numerous websites.