Zuki Nyu

In 2011 Matthew Myers "discovered" Zuki Nyu at an anime convention performance, and the two went on a musical adventure spanning live recording, video games and music videos!

Zuki Nyu is a singer and recording artist from Montreal, QC whose vocal performance can be heard on the production of In Another Castle. The protege artist of songwriter / producer Matthew Myers (LeetStreet Boys, Winter Wolves Games, etc.) the two met at Otakuthon 2011 when Zuki was a singing competition performer and Matt was a contest judge. Zuki ended up winning Otakuthon Idol that year and Matt offered her the opportunity record this song with him in 2013.

Inspired by the classic Super Mario Bros. phrase (“our princess is in another castle”) the song is an anime-driven pop anthem in a retro game setting. In Another Castle was a featured song in Skytree Digital Limited’s beat matching game Hachi Hachi, which was a top mobile game in Asia during 2016. Coming full circle, the animated music video debuted at Otakuthon 2019 before a live audience in Montreal. The first music video produced by Leet Music using 3d animation, the story follows a hero’s journey through multiple video game worlds during a teenager’s afternoon at the arcade. In Another Castle’s lighthearted fantasy fun is a colorful, wild ride.